I don’t mind the smoke

as it billows through my hair

Miriam pours the teff mixture

in concentric circles

around and around

as my head follows her hand

Then she flips the cooked injera

over- ever so briefly

and I sit with her as we both dip

into the spicy wot

…..a mouthwatering

Ethiopian memory from my

‘little me’ days

©Vivian Zems

Real Toads– Let’s Eat!

I grew up in Ethiopia and used to steal away on Sunday afternoons to our chauffeur’s house ( at the bottom of our garden) where his wife, Miriam, would cook  Injera…to be had with wot (stew)…hence the name,’ injera be wot’. I really wasn’t allowed, but loved to join her, as she helped me improve my Amharic vocabulary. I’ve left the language behind now, but still remember this amazing dish.