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Real toads

The Pilgrim Poet’s Progress

On the way to purpose is a road paved with plans -with potholes of mistakes and puddles of complication And just to add some spice.... are a myriad of land mines that are guaranteed to blow up your life But... Continue Reading →


Dancing In The Dark

My face doesn’t betray my heart neither does my pulse thrum too many beats apart For, when I dance in the shadows making light of my plight I waltz with gusto urging my spirit to take flight So, though my... Continue Reading →

My Father’s Land

In my father's land are streets paved with gold - serenading many mansions Mine is the beauty on the hill on the edge of a magical lake that cradles the moon and reflects the night sky Fireflies delight in painting... Continue Reading →


Clouds without rain the unmet eye quicksand underfoot a wallet that leaks a dawn delayed and a cement sky .....these things can drive a (wo)man insane ©Vivian Zems Poetry Form: Sevenling Real Toads


There’s nothing maladroit about picking up your broken pieces It may be a war that rages within your bones It may be thoughts that scatter like rotting teeth after a bar fight It may even be frozen breath- too strangled... Continue Reading →

Roaring Fires and Open Skies

Like clock-work, I know it’s time to visit grandma for Christmas Daddy makes all the plans and we fly and fly over the mountains and grasslands of Africa from Ethiopia to Nigeria I love to sit next to daddy on... Continue Reading →

Hello Again!

How to interpret  this poem. It’s either a narcissist reveling in their sense of self or a lost soul who's finally found herself You decide.   Picture this: Finally catching up with the old 'you' -rushing into each others’ arms... Continue Reading →

The Seamstress

The seamstress of doom poses provocatively with full-rounded breasts Trust - her enemy while lust is her currency Her machinations woven with the immaculate accuracy of master tailors -disguised as empathy Your pain is her fuel which she uses to... Continue Reading →

Doing Favours

I have work to do today. My duty, as a matter of fact. I make my way to the platform, joining the other commuters. We wait for the train. I join them in their vacant stares, looking at points that... Continue Reading →

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