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Wake up and Smell the Coffee; Poems, Short stories, Bite-size news- old and new .....Because I Have a Voice!

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Nelson Mandela International Day

Let’s paint a picture of life’s scheme laced with kindness of spirits buoyed by patience and humility Picture this utopia
 Let’s take it further Imagine one who forgives ...looking beyond  ills to lift his nation’s spirits He pulled heaven closer... Continue Reading →


Sweet Relief

When itch comes to scratch are we really so different from one another? Are we? Tell me! We each- reach for that raging spot desperate to quiet its silent screams scratching and moaning in sweet relief a satisfied mosquito... Continue Reading →

The Stalker

Mortality stalks me like a doe in the forest searching for 'mother' A flash - a glance not quite there- but there hidden among the trees When I move- it moves mirroring my steps so near - so far edging... Continue Reading →

Shifting Sands

Shifting sands counting down my essence Days numbered down to nought just for me So I breathe thanking days with my ink ©Vivian Zems A tricube poem: 3 syllables, 3 lines in 3 stanzas. Real Toads Poetry Pantry #411

About Me

As I was saying...... It’s not in people-pleasing or serving everyone but me It’s not in proving myself while cheating myself out of love of self But it’s in the sweet melody of the ink in my veins pouring from... Continue Reading →

I Dare You

When trapped within the barbed-wire fence of your thoughts  Do you search for hope through those perfect openings? Do you see the promised land beyond? If you just reach out with just a little faith and picture yourself soaring in... Continue Reading →

The Disguise

What do you call a creature with antlers that gore human flesh yet rests on such an innocent face? With fangs where sober teeth should lie dining on the misery of its kin-folk rejoicing at every morsel of misery? Continue Reading →


as heaven opens I’m sheltered from pouring rain by clear blue-sky thoughts  ©Vivian Zems Rain – MLMM-Heeding Haiku With Chèvrefeuille

My City

Welcome to my city where the breadth of its beauty might be dictated by the depth of your pocket The sights and sounds of tourists all year round mask the death and decay that fill some with dismay If you... Continue Reading →

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