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Wake up and Smell the Coffee; Poems, Short stories, Bite-size news- old and new .....Because I Have a Voice!

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Another Wakeful Night

What do I see in my bed? little worries gathered by my head they cloud on pillows their groans- eerie billows determined to fill me with dread I plead for all to leave Alas, unto me they cleave determined to... Continue Reading →


Night’s Stage

  [...] "There is nothing you can see that is not a Bashoflower; there is nothing you can think that is not the moon."[...]  Matsuo Basho night sets the stage between moon and spring flower a spread of beauty Carpe... Continue Reading →


This journey of self-discovery isn't all it's cracked up to be Though my mind finds precious gems of me my heart speaks a different language entirely It speaks rubbish, as far as I can glean, so I move to my... Continue Reading →

One Life

  You get but one life to gird your loins with fire You get but one chance to catch that pendulum swing as you smooth that perfect dream ©Vivian Zems Colleen's Tanka Challenge- gather/soft-synonyms only

Years on…..

She thought she'd found her soul mate Little did she know -at the end of her rainbow dreams -at her passion's peak that his quest carried on still ©Vivian Zems "One can live without having survived." Carolyn Forche Real Toads... Continue Reading →

Wings of Hope

Dark thoughts carried on the wings of melancholia try to worm their way within dreamless sleep They are beaten back by the arrival of the unicorn It gives her comfort as it weaves its magic Strong limbs remind her of... Continue Reading →

Directions Please!

  I whisper the names of  my streets So shy am I, if I could, I'd turn beet On my way home, I skip down but hesitate at the turn off to So shy am I, I stare at my... Continue Reading →

Destiny’s Path

This image -forever sealed in my mind is a metaphor for my path to destiny -there are monsters hidden here- around each corner watchers watch me eerily without sound "Give up!"  mockers jeer so nastily But Dad once told me... Continue Reading →

Promenade at noon….

  I'm serenaded by dizzying scents and the fragrance a new season brings. exhale spring's perfume, inhale even more ©Vivian Zems Carpe Diem Haiku Kai #1415- Perfume of Spring The one-bun is an ultra-short haibun which has just one line... Continue Reading →

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