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Wake up and Smell the Coffee; Poems, Short stories, Bite-size news- old and new .....Because I Have a Voice!

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Strength in my Weakness

Slice me open and take a peak within feel the cords that hold me together they are tissues of scars I've earned Fair and square-without bargain they were earned stretching from stem to stern buried within they are my strength... Continue Reading →


The Abyss

At the very bottom of any abyss past a cacophony of 'feelings' past textbooks of' intelligent reasonings' lies the real 'you' in that place of purest honesty There is much darkness here but also a little light Use this light... Continue Reading →

The Audiobook’s Out!

Tales in Teacups is now available on Audible. I'm in total awe! I'm, again, very grateful for all the support from my blog-world friends and those on other platforms. Together, you made this happen. God bless you all!  

Shackles and Dreams

When I was a prisoner in my mind I used to dream of lifting up my head and one day observing the open sky reaching to feel the sun warming my  face  and tasting rain that’s since lost its poison Those... Continue Reading →

The Meaning of My Name

I turn to the horizon filling my lungs with air I embrace the gift of life a gift I wish to share   You cannot see my heart but you can hear it speak Filled with life- that I am... Continue Reading →

New Song! -I Am Words

I wrote this poem a few weeks ago when trying to answer the question: "Who am I?". Well, it stuck with I made a tune of it and got someone to sing it. 🙂 I hope you like it!... Continue Reading →

The Key

There's a clue in here if you look carefully many keys and so many locks yet none a perfect fit Would that we could read these signs before trying to bend others to our will If we cared enough... Continue Reading →

Lies, Smiles and Guiles

Hiding behind charming smiles covered by busy lives scars heal in their own time secrets swept away from the wise The lies come easy and sweet "I ran into a door" rolling off the tongue nice and neat "I grazed... Continue Reading →


It's not where there's clarity of thought neither is it in those moments before sleep But it's in that space when I awaken -where time is suspended where my mind is flooded by 50 questions all at once who? where?... Continue Reading →

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