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Words – Unsaid

The things I never said to you whilst in the flesh you can now hear loud and clear with every beat of my heart That my voice was drowned out in the cacophony of the universe is of little import... Continue Reading →


The Bronze Serpent

We walk in the wilderness adorned with literacy cloaked in sophistication yet lacking in wisdom We exult in our knowledge oblivious of our creator so - when bitten by vipers of sickness and depravity ...we seek the eyes of the... Continue Reading →

No, Thank you!

If I wrote a poem as lovely as the mesmerising depth of your eyes and the heady scent of your essence I’d soon be lost in the quick sand of emotions - an ocean from which many return with their... Continue Reading →

Weapons for Life

I speak often of life being violent -how it slaps and kicks and is ever ready to trip But I’ve changed my perspective It’s not how hard you’re hit It’s more about the strength of your inner core the bulking... Continue Reading →

Flying My Flags

If you asked me to wave my nation’s flag I would rifle through my drawers and bring out 4! One that swaddled me as I cried “hello world!” Another, I wore as a fashion accessory with leg-warmers – in those... Continue Reading →

Shame is Useless

The cup of my pain is already full when you first notice it So adding your pain to mine is a zero sum game Shame has no part to play in this scenario Better to walk away and find your... Continue Reading →

Keys Of Truth

Poems are the keys to unlocking depth of feeling -revealing yearnings of the heart and freeing us from the rigid four-walled box of our minds And yet they often arrive wearing the invisible cloak of metaphors seeking the discerning spirit... Continue Reading →

Where Lions and Eagles Rest

I wrote this whilst on a recent family vacation. I remember thinking how badly I needed a rest- from everything. But not just any kind of rest. I’ve been blogging and writing daily for 2 years- solid- and figured that... Continue Reading →

On A Break..ish

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