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Wake up and Smell the Coffee; Poems, Short stories, Bite-size news- old and new .....Because I Have a Voice!

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Crystal Clear

"As I was saying," PC Adams cleared his throat, "without the murder weapon, the case can't progress." Peter lowered his head miserably. His wife's killer was still free. Poor, poor Alison. To die that way was ...was... He sobbed. Adams... Continue Reading →


A Parent’s Job

Caretaker of you is what I am Holding you close, away from harm Instructing you to live out your dreams Loving you deeply, however life seems Developing your smile and witty charm ©Vivian Zems Poets United - Midweek Motif- A... Continue Reading →

I Got Featured on Poets United!!

I'm so thrilled to share this interview I gave on Poets United. My heartfelt thanks to all those who stopped by to comment 🙂 🙂

Ransom on its Way!

A kidnapper makes the call gleefully dreaming of his windfall With a voice laced with honey he demands all the money reciting his bank details and all! ©Vivian Zems Today at dVerse, and we are to write a funny poem beginning... Continue Reading →

The Cliff of Reason

Amorous love -a dangerous thing - a face-dive off the cliff of reason without promise of soft landings - a pot-pourri of emotions Yet risk it some do- time and again that ceaseless search for validation fearful hearts placed on... Continue Reading →

Stemming the Tide

Rain beats at my window trying to get in I won't let the drops touch my skin Their desire - to beat me into blind submission -to mix with my tears making a sad precipitation So nothing...but nothing will make... Continue Reading →

A Love Affair

a wave rises past the edge of sea cliffs kissing a rainbow ©Vivian Zems Rainbows of High Tide coming to sea cliffs the off-shore breeze raises a flower fragrance out of a wave rainbows of high tide arching wind ©... Continue Reading →

Where Are The Heroes?

Where have all the heroes gone? -the ones with the tiny voices -the ones that live in our heads You know what I mean... -the ones that say people are more precious than guns -that loving your neighbour is cool... Continue Reading →


Were it not for this teflon -these confines of my skin, I would be like a firecracker bursting out from within I comport myself for social decorum's sake and stroll through life whistling whatever tune my lips make -Very carefully... Continue Reading →

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