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Lies, Smiles and Guiles

Hiding behind charming smiles covered by busy lives scars heal in their own time secrets swept away from the wise The lies come easy and sweet "I ran into a door" rolling off the tongue nice and neat "I grazed... Continue Reading →



It's not where there's clarity of thought neither is it in those moments before sleep But it's in that space when I awaken -where time is suspended where my mind is flooded by 50 questions all at once who? where?... Continue Reading →


I’d love to share Toni Spencer’s poem…loved it.

kanzen sakura

For Fireblossom Friday over at Toads.  German words, interesting meanings.  Pick one and write about it. From the past years when I used to do doubtful things. My word is Fahrvergnügen – enjoyment in driving. The vid is from 1990…a classic.

Enjoyin’ the Drive!

“Travel is about the gorgeous feeling of teetering in the unknown.” Anthony Bourdain

2:00 a.m. the summer night is warm
and fragrant as bath water –
The air smells of honeysuckle, wild jasmine –
The moon is huge and lustrous,
its white light limning the landscape in argent tones,
striated straight black trees flashing past my car –
A stereoscopic display of
Blackwhiteblackwhiteblackwhiteblack –
My Fahrvergnügen, my enjoyment of driving
comes from chasing that full moon,
From cutting off my headlights and flowing
along the shining road.
No one else is driving in the moonlight.
No one else is flowing like liquid Mercury,
being shaped to…

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The Thing called Light

Whether sat quietly at the end of a tunnel or out and about chasing the darkness or even casting its glow on new ideas -light is forever busy illuminating, exposing and even beckoning to us -travelling at great speeds to... Continue Reading →

Keeping Up Appearances

Autumn knocks on Season’s door impatient to settle in Summer packs his bags in annoyance -not even a decent check out time! After all that warmth After all that sunshine After setting the stage for birdsong After luscious green carpets... Continue Reading →

Demolishing Walls

Forget glass ceilings it’s those concrete walls you need to be concerned about It starts with the walls of the mind which need hacking -setting free the helium mind to the right altitude Then there are walls of fear that... Continue Reading →


I walk through the city carrying a sack of words Some are heavy some are light and many-a-word bring delight Before I speak- I reach for my words weighing them carefully so when I hand them over -they are smooth... Continue Reading →


  Mox nix the confident smile -you need a rib spreader to read the etchings on a man’s heart Mox nix all that bravado -you must listen to the woeful silence between his breaths to see one that is lost... Continue Reading →

Good or Bad?

I have seen wicked priests and honourable thieves I have observed benevolent criminals and bad cops I have experienced kind debt collectors and unfair judges And I have drunk from the cup of gracious friends and cruel relatives It’s not so black and... Continue Reading →

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