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Calling all Poetry Beta Readers!!

Hello! I'm putting out a call to all available poetry beta readers for my upcoming poetry chapbook, "Smiles Under Pillows". I normally approach beta readers on social media platforms and it occurred to me to also include those in "blogland."... Continue Reading →


Needle and Dread

Shaney jumped involuntarily. But so did everyone else in the makeshift tent. The bomb had seemed a little too close for comfort. She’d volunteered to assist in the war by coming to the frontline- but was already regretting that decision.... Continue Reading →

A Perfect Storm

An excerpt from my upcoming poetry chapbook Smiles Under Pillows -(due out at the end of this month) This poem is taken from the 'Sad Smiles' chapter and I thought this image, "Emperor of the dawn" by Quincy Washington , apt to describe... Continue Reading →

A Walk in the Park

Pain is part of life. It’s a necessary evil- helping us grow in wisdom and strength. How often do we wish to avoid difficulties- wrapping them in cotton wool or avoiding them altogether? This poem is a reflection of such... Continue Reading →

O heart, prepare!

Passing through life’s clouds that part for me I ready my feet for bravery When words are gone but leave long shadows ….for all to see… my heart skips, and saunters readying herself for victory ©Vivian Zems

Featured on Poets United!!

BlueBird- Bukowski

The Kind Of Love I Want.

I read this and was completely blown away! Sublime.

ExpliCit Poetry Hub.


I want a love that’s terrifying and soothing at the same time,

A love that greets you good morning the moment you open your eyes.

A love that kisses your face like sun rays.

A love that keeps you warm like how coffee does to your system, warm yet awakens you.
A love that makes you chill like a cold shower, freezes your mind so you can’t think straight.
A love that lets you feel adorable like when you hug your new clothes.
A love that protects you like umbrella in the rain.
A love that takes you to places.
A love that calms your anxiety.
A love that touches your soul like a hand in your hair.
A love that wipes your tears.
A love that teaches you that loving is not hard even if it’s complicated.
A love that shelters you.
A love that’s so passionate.
A love…

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Still Moon

A single moon remains still as the day tries to undo the night and the night tries to lift the ocean while the ocean beats the rocks and the rocks skewer the earth who tries to hold herself together ©Vivian... Continue Reading →

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