Smell The Coffee

Wake Up!

Sometimes I’m a friend you want to greet Other times I’m that friend you’d rather not meet I swim in your tears I ride on your smile I whisper in your ear and chase away your fears I wasn’t born... Continue Reading →

Today’s World

In a world where the outer is more relevant than the inner where promises are only as strong as the breath they float on Is it then any wonder that the masses wander - oblivious to the loss of their... Continue Reading →

“Faith Unites Us All” small barely seen a grain of sand or a mustard seed But It’s enough climb Everest (or get out of bed) swim across oceans (or simply make it through the day) beat the darkness (and hold... Continue Reading →


  Even when clothed in the bright colours of a peacock’s feathers.... the light plays games when it peaks through dry dead branches as it chases the darkness into the shadows And time passes so differently here beckons to... Continue Reading →

The Red-Flag Collector

Shy... timid.... brooding in the shadow of her mind worrying about rocking the boat -not wanting to cause upset.... feeling foolish in a sea of eggshells...cringing at each misstep. A red flag collected..... then ignored A cracked shell spells a... Continue Reading →

The Slave-Master of Words

Does the poet not do violence to her words in that charged ether that bears witness to the pulling, the pushing and the pernicious placement of letters pleading to be left alone? She ignores their cries of woe daring them... Continue Reading →

If I Could….

And I know this.... If I could hold water If I could caress wild flames If I could shrink mountains If I could collect the stars If I could pocket the moon If I could brighten the sun .....I’d do... Continue Reading →

A Weaponised Mind

It’s not unusual to carry one’s mind about with them- like a loaded gun let it wander (on occasion) through the doors of imagination watch dreams become the flesh that clothe the dry bones of barren futures,... Continue Reading →


Fish tears have created a haven for me as I await my fate at the bottom of the deep blue sea where salt caresses my skin and silence has new meaning devoid of churning bursting with tranquility as sensations are... Continue Reading →

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