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It’s All in the Pose

What greater power is there than to captain one’s own ship in waters that run deeper than one’s mind can fathom? It is no easy feat to cradle water by the strength of thought alone BUT to be master of... Continue Reading →

The Year, 2020

The year 2020 was the year grief wrapped itself around our bones and tightened its grip as thousands of spirits were ripped from flesh and hurled into the night sky The year 2020 was also the year the cup of... Continue Reading →

Keep Her Breathin’

A pregnant world screams as empathy rides through cities buoyed by indignation while ignoring sophistication and savoir faire A heavy world screams as her labour groans cause scales to fall away from blinded eyes unstopping ears along the way An... Continue Reading →

The Right To Remain Silent

Poems are cities of inspired words A poem understands that its words can and will be used against it in a court of law where it may be jigsawed into garments of a new narrative A poem knows it can... Continue Reading →

A Roaring World

I wake up to a roaring world The air.... pungent with confusion, injustice, hatred and pain Raging flames sear the sky searching for confessions as we try not to look at those parts of ourselves we’ve hidden behind civilised smiles... Continue Reading →

The Journey of Ink

On a street without rooms the ink on these long forgotten walls cries out with a voice that knocks on the doors of our understanding searching for substance eager for purpose pleading for life on its journey from our minds... Continue Reading →

Mama Bear

I love the mystery of not knowing the secret power embraced in this frame Of engaging in a moment that has already slipped into the past but lies captured before me Not knowing the depth of Mama bear’s aura that... Continue Reading →

Still Homeless

A few of us shuffle listlessly as we gaze at the tired hotel The Aztec Hotel looks to have given up (much like some of us) as we make our way slowly through its frayed and tattered doorway The hazmat... Continue Reading →

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