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A Leafless Tree

Natsume Sōseki (1867-1916), born Natsume Kinnosuke, was a Japanese novelist of the Meiji period (1868–1912). He is best known for his novels Kokoro, Botchan, I Am a Cat and his unfinished work Light and Darkness. He was also a scholar... Continue Reading →


Light of The World

first shaft of sunlight daffodils preen haughtily lifting my spirits ©Vivian Zems Carpe Diem Haiku Kai- Spring Retreat "Light of the World" Day 16


"So hot the struggle for a spot that it is won" A quote from The Ballad Of The Proverbs - François Villon Life- with its backhand slaps with its flashes of brilliance with its combat boots -isn't for the faint... Continue Reading →

It’s You

 I see you watching me as I apply my makeup -some liner, a little lipstick As I head for my eyebrows I raise them quizzically You smile and shake your head slightly Ah! I see what this is! -a captured... Continue Reading →

Papers and Books

    a miracle brings warmth and comfort on paper it flies to rediscover memory made flesh -buried in the ink of books Sealed in breath People alter, people falter but their words never disappear ©Vivian Zems Real Toads- 13... Continue Reading →

In My Opinion……

Poems are like burps -Words find each other (somewhere deep inside) and decide to hold hands like long-lost friends They arrange themselves in mysterious patterns under the muse's conductor's baton At the appointed time they come up for air -... Continue Reading →


The world isn't always black and white. When it is, it doesn't stay that way for long. With shifting gears and an uplift in mood, grey shades percolate the landscape. A rise in hope and a flash of inspiration suffuses... Continue Reading →

A Day Decides

A new day can't decide if it wants to make an appearance It looks around for inspiration stopping to observe the sea kissing the shore It looks in the recent past to see the moon and stars snoring soundly It... Continue Reading →

A Little Light

Sometimes I awake in darkness straining to see a light-any light I'm getting faster at reaching that light (but the effort is still the same) It's a relief when I do as I peel back the inky blackness (with new-found... Continue Reading →

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