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“Tales in Teacups” is Now Live!

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A Canary Sings

With the opening of her cage door a canary takes a tentative step forward carefully stepping over grass and basil she spreads her little-used wings shaking off marigold dust only stopping to pick up a single yellow rose Free at... Continue Reading →


I've been working on a book of short stories and have collated several pieces over the year. I want to thank everyone for their support and hope you check it out when it's released on Wednesday!

Changing My Name

I want to change my name I want to be called 'cherished' I want to be called 'worthy' the old, bad names that bathed me in acid and fire sometimes call out to me in my night terrors sometimes they... Continue Reading →

The Book of Her Dreams

Reading from the same page that was how it was always meant to be in her visions and rose-tinted dreams but he moved to new chapter and when she was to a blank page the book was shut... Continue Reading →


If she had dared consider her plight she would’ve given in to anguish at the dashing of her dreams   her voice would thicken with emotion if she’d dared to speak and her fears would’ve destroyed her   Time had... Continue Reading →

Swinging Free

....and so, I decided to swing going higher with each pass not daring to look below or around choosing to see the wood for the trees using crosswinds to propel me ever closer towards my dreams after's what you... Continue Reading →

Nelson Mandela International Day

Let’s paint a picture of life’s scheme laced with kindness of spirits buoyed by patience and humility Picture this utopia
 Let’s take it further Imagine one who forgives ...looking beyond  ills to lift his nation’s spirits He pulled heaven closer... Continue Reading →

Sweet Relief

When itch comes to scratch are we really so different from one another? Are we? Tell me! We each- reach for that raging spot desperate to quiet its silent screams scratching and moaning in sweet relief a satisfied mosquito... Continue Reading →

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