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Moot Questions

If there were questions to be asked of me they would be- why I choose to cloak  myself in words and why I encourage the torrid affair between pen and paper (in my home) or even why I don’t simply... Continue Reading →

Hot New Release!

It's so gratifying to see this- it tells me that downloads are taking place! My sincere gratitude to everyone who's decided to take a peek! #BiggestSmilesEver!

Spilled Ink

ANNOUNCEMENT!! 50 Ways to Becoming Ink is now available in all Amazon stores. Blurb 50 Ways to Becoming Ink is a collection of motivational poems covering several facets of life. From thoughtful, yet empowering musings to savored captured moments, each... Continue Reading →

Mischief and The Muse

Though I'd vowed to cut my poetry -writing to once a week, Kerry's wordlist on Instagram was irresistible. I didn't have the time to write, but my muse thought different- so I've written about that.    When caged words lie... Continue Reading →

Booksniff Press and First time Authors

  In 2019, I decided to set up my own publishing company, Booksniff Press at the instigation of ... wait for it.... the tax man!! I was disputing the amount of tax I owed and we just kept butting heads.... Continue Reading →

Getting Out Of Bed etc

If I could summarise 2019, it would be as a journey on the high seas with periods of calm interspersed with violent storms. There were days when getting out of bed seemed impossible and yet other days when I charged... Continue Reading →

The Coming Year

Wishing all my friends and family a fruitful New Year!❤️❤️❤️

Choosing Them Wisely

The times..... when a mind is ground to powder when tears spring when even the sky cries and the rivers rise When...... time has no meaning and words have lost theirs It is then...... that we realise that a word... Continue Reading →

Perfectly Flawed

It’s not everyday I see the self portrait of my soul with its uneven contours and discoloured patterns And see here- the jagged stitching across the chest? That’s scarring from when my heart was ripped out.... then repaired trampled ......... Continue Reading →

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