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The Chosen; the Fallen

the chosen are called to be as cities on the tops of hills with hope beaming  from between clenched teeth   they reveal their courage  with thudding hearts  and trembling knees by being the first ones to fall © Vivian... Continue Reading →

Silent Conversations

  What thoughts must run through the minds of grave-diggers and under-takers as exhaustion leeches from their bones grief fills the air What conversation can be had between the living and the dead as graveyards fill and eyes fill... Continue Reading →

Deepest Desire (in the era of Corona)

Let’s take our minds for a walk through leafy-green parks warmed by a thousand suns paying homage to our lungs ...crooning ballad after ballad whilst avoiding the coppers and shutting our eyes to the signs © Vivian Zems #skyloverwordlist-ballad Day... Continue Reading →

Conspiracies and Theories

Day 11 of National Poetry Month  From the UK perspective, our leaders were altogether far too slow in their response to this pandemic.  Here’s how I see it.... Fobbing us off with ridiculous theories of ‘herd immunity’ delaying testing with... Continue Reading →


It's Day 10 of National Poetry Month, and I've attempted a Chaucerian stanza. It's always a little tricky trying to get a message across whilst keeping to ‘rhyme rules’. So, just in case this gets lost in translation, this poem... Continue Reading →

Our Superheroes

Our superheroes fly without capes within the jaws of death while fighting an unseen enemy from dusk to dawn filled with fear and faith buoyed by the prayers of nations © Vivian Zems #skyloverwordlist-prayer  

My “Robinson Crusoe Phase”- Coping With Covid-19

I don’t count the lockdown days anymore. What began as an enthusiastic rolling-up-of-sleeves-to-tackle-all-those-unfinished-projects battle cry.....has slowly morphed into large helpings of ice cream, huge chunks chocolate with lethal doses of Netflix! I’m calling this the "Robinson Crusoe phase" of my... Continue Reading →


dreams of rich blue skies with four wheels ready to burn up an open road away from imposed lockdowns towards visions of freedom © Vivian Zems MLMM-photo challenge #310 Colleen’s Weekly Poetry Challenge # Tanka Tuesday 

Nostalgia on a Park Bench

A park bench daring to close just one eye -as history sidles up to me “Remember freedom? Without the handcuffs of the social-distance police in your periphery?” I sigh....... as freshly trapped air thrashes in the mesh of my mask... Continue Reading →

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