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Flying My Flags

If you asked me to wave my nation’s flag I would rifle through my drawers and bring out 4! One that swaddled me as I cried “hello world!” Another, I wore as a fashion accessory with leg-warmers – in those... Continue Reading →


Shame is Useless

The cup of my pain is already full when you first notice it So adding your pain to mine is a zero sum game Shame has no part to play in this scenario Better to walk away and find your... Continue Reading →

Keys Of Truth

Poems are the keys to unlocking depth of feeling -revealing yearnings of the heart and freeing us from the rigid four-walled box of our minds And yet they often arrive wearing the invisible cloak of metaphors seeking the discerning spirit... Continue Reading →

Where Lions and Eagles Rest

I wrote this whilst on a recent family vacation. I remember thinking how badly I needed a rest- from everything. But not just any kind of rest. I’ve been blogging and writing daily for 2 years- solid- and figured that... Continue Reading →

On A Break..ish

The Big Picture

Do you know how to enjoy iced tea thats cools you all the way down to your feet while flames lick at you constantly? It's by seeing the big picture -by focusing on yonder green pastures and celebrating victories before... Continue Reading →

Dead Words

Amidst cumulus clouds of silence  words lay writhing in the throes of death -unable to breathe... hence lying still   These are the moments I dread the most When words die on my lips and silence thunders to the fore... Continue Reading →

Journey of a Song

The journey of a song is without puzzle or deceit ...seeping between teeth ...falling away from pursed lips It may change in cadence and pitch but a melody remains true in that it never lies and a chorus echoes eternal... Continue Reading →

‘Me First’

What’s so wrong with ‘me first’? That I should tender to my very molecules That I should orchestrate my own brainwaves and insist on creating ‘value of self’ for selfsake? So here it is -the boundary line ..separating me from... Continue Reading →

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