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The Crossing

Standing on the shores of uncertainty between the Red Sea of impossibility and the raucous shouts of an approaching enemy who had long since dispensed with their pretense of angelic niceties A moment when hope appeared to have turned tail... Continue Reading →

A Poem about A Poem

This is a poem about an unborn poem. It’s been rattling around in my soul for over a week now. I know it’s about faith in place of fear and it involves the Red Sea. ( I’m currently reading the... Continue Reading →

Random Musings

All running amok and some not even our own these unruly thoughts © Vivian Zems The Sunday Muse #130

New Beginnings

with wind in her wingsfinding nectar in purposea new creation Carpe Diem Haiku Kai: #1833 Butterfly

The Artist’s Kingdom

Writing for the Sunday Muse, I’m not sure why these butterflies are in this picture... so my poem reflects my bemusement.😃 Whether uttered in whispers or shouted in dreams The power of our voices is the same when creating a vision... Continue Reading →

Let’s Awaken The Dead

If we are to awakenthe dead in spiritthe bruised and numbedthe broken in mindthe quenched of hopeand the dashed of dreams….How many more books will be written?How many new songs will be composed?How many more works of art will be... Continue Reading →

Wonderfully Made

To what do we liken perfection?Could it be clear lines of definitionbordering calibrated colours?What about a stem sprouting seemingly random appendagesand yet a plant without self-image issuesbearing roses without ego ... supported by a self-assured stemand no one to point... Continue Reading →

This is What Watchmen Do

From this vantage point I guard my garden  It’s fence is still secure ....without breach or break and my courage tree is fruiting rather well Those smaller plants that hum  and sing to each other are relieved the weeds are... Continue Reading →

The Greatest Love Story

I have spoken of these lovers before How enthralled they’ve become with each other  How one succumbs to yellowing  fade when wallowing in neglect How the other dies - with blood-frozen veins... if it does not hold its mate dear... Continue Reading →

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