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The Gulf

the scorching passion of a thousand flaming suns can't propel me to where my first sorry tale was spun where bucking wild horses failed to meet my eye and deeply buried secrets-under wraps just lie where an impassable gulf is... Continue Reading →


Day 19: My Nosy Muse

My muse knows that lying hidden in my heart are the secret words that howl cry laugh and scream with the purest clarity ......that's why I keep her penned between my fingers ©Vivian Zems #NaPoWriMo 2019- National Poetry Month Challenge... Continue Reading →

Day 18: Word Art

I place my fingers on a clock to mark time My lust is driven by velocity as word after chewed word is spat onto paper -writing in manic euphoria ....until the full picture is painted   ©Vivian Zems #NaPoWriMo 2019-... Continue Reading →

Day 17: Next Time?

next time there'll be no lies next time there'll be no violence next time there'll be kindness next time there'll be love next time there'll be patience next time there'll be respect next time it'll be from heaven next time... Continue Reading →

Miracles Do Happen!

I was at work yesterday, minding my own business...when....... Ok, forget that..... Lift Off! (on had actually lifted itself up to the #1 Hot New Release in Poetry Anthologies!!! Since its publication date, I've been working on a series... Continue Reading →

Protected: For Beta Readers Only

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

Day 16: Let’s NOT Compare

Unmet expectations are the root of discord we envy from afar those things we cannot afford -comparing the inside of us to the outside of you The twain shall never meet -such things- better left- unexplored   ©Vivian Zems #NaPoWriMo... Continue Reading →

Day 15: The Slave Master

There's a tragedy in not being able to control one's thoughts or emotions. I learned this at an early age from my father. He was a man of few words and wouldn't act on a decision until an argument had... Continue Reading →

Day 14- Invisible Ink

Words strut and prance           dressed up in metaphors                   engaged in a dance                            ... Continue Reading →

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