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Ireland in Four Days

Easter weekend was spent in Ireland- our very first visit. My cousin was getting married and it was all "Go-Go-Go"!!!. Heavy-laden with wedding supplies, I arrived with 4 kids in tow to Dublin Airport.  Ok, they're big kids now- so... Continue Reading →

Crossing Check-point Charlie (Berlin)

  In the 1980's, I used to visit my brother in Leipzig, East Germany and we'd frequently have to cross the border from East to West Berlin via Check-point Charlie, an Allied post famous for witnessing numerous attempts to escape from... Continue Reading →

Safari Adventures 

  I suffer from wanderlust and now I know I inherited it from my mum. One thing I've found I don't enjoy in the least bit are safaris. I've had a couple of awful experiences that put me off completely.... Continue Reading →

The Joys Of Travel

There's an innate pleasure in preparing for a journey. Some love the feeling of 'just getting away', others- the desire to explore. There are a plethora of reasons why we enjoy travel. A friend put it simply to me. He... Continue Reading →

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