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A Night to Remember

The alarm stirred Paul from deep slumber. Opening one eye groggily, he winced as a shaft of light lanced his eyeball. “Ooooh!” he groaned. His head drummed a steady beat as he wondered exactly how much he’d had to drink.... Continue Reading →


Crystal Clear

"As I was saying," PC Adams cleared his throat, "without the murder weapon, the case can't progress." Peter lowered his head miserably. His wife's killer was still free. Poor, poor Alison. To die that way was ...was... He sobbed. Adams... Continue Reading →

The Invisible Man

Everyday, they walked past. Nobody paid attention to the homeless man on the corner. His presence, blended into the dank foliage of autumn. No one noticed when he sat forlorn and forgotten- a decrepit mass of human flesh- usually sipping... Continue Reading →

Perfect….is perspective

Lauren and Jack encouraged Rebecca as Lauren clicked away. Rebecca had her back to the beautiful scenery and posed for the camera- flicking her hair provocatively. "Back a bit Bekky!" called Jack. He peered into Lauren's screen as he spoke,... Continue Reading →


Delilah stepped into the train station, heart pounding furiously. Her instructions were to join the throng ahead and push herself forward into the crowd. She was to act the minute the train pulled up.....but she'd changed her mind. Delilah knew... Continue Reading →

A Private Affair

A table for six was being prepared. That's how mum wanted it. I, being the eldest of four had been nominated to organise the gathering. My subdued siblings waited as our two favourite aunts arrived and seated themselves. I re-read... Continue Reading →

The Right Ingredient

"Why this sign?" Helga asked,"why not simply: 'Do Not Enter'?" "This sign will pique curiosity, speed up the heart rate and flood the body with adrenaline," Gordo replied, gruffly. Helga's eyes lit up with understanding. She turned and hurried back... Continue Reading →

Sweet ‘n Sour Revenge

"Just one bullet. That's all I need," chuckled Mark as he took another swig of brandy. Since making the decision to kill himself, he'd planned on how to take down his oppressors at the same time. No spraying-bullets-at-the-office siree!... Continue Reading →

Will You Marry Me?

Kelly Simmons walked to the edge of the lake, right hand clutching a coin. With a deep breath she hurled it in and shut her eyes. Across the way, Justin spotted his fiancée looking into the famous 'lake of dreams'-... Continue Reading →

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