This is a poem about an unborn poem. It’s been rattling around in my soul for over a week now. I know it’s about faith in place of fear and it involves the Red Sea.
( I’m currently reading the book of Exodus…. so I know that’s why). But I can’t quite ‘see’ the rest of the poem. Soon…. very soon🙏🏽

There’s a poem percolating
within my subconscious
It’s bubbling and reaching for sight from behind my eyes
with its feet planted on my understanding
I know the first line
but play musical chairs with the other
I feel the concept of these unformed
but I’m left to guess the tone of these hidden emotions
They are born of tears and a thudding heart
But are they excitement, grief or joy?
I can’t tell….they all sound the same

© Vivian Zems

Dverse Poets Pub #OLN-hosted by Linda Lyberg