If we are to awaken
the dead in spirit
the bruised and numbed
the broken in mind
the quenched of hope
and the dashed of dreams….
How many more books will be written?
How many new songs will be composed?
How many more works of art will be created?
Will they regale us with breathtaking poetry?
Will they become fearless leaders-
ready to reverse the storm as they march confidently in their ‘yes-es’?
Will they combine grace & truth
as they drag darkness into light?
Will they stop to tell us that their dreams have cost them everything?
Will they care what anyone says about them?
Will they teach us
how to be exceptional?
how to walk in divine wisdom?
how to arm ourselves with mercy and peace?
how to practice forgiveness for even the most heinous of transgressions?
Will they teach us how to be unstoppable?
Wake up!!…. you dead in spirit!
Wake up!!….. you dead in mind!
Let purpose turn you inside out
because great destiny… within you, we’ll find!

© Vivian Zems

dverse poets pub MTB-Protest Poem