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Vivian Zems

Mum, author and dentist is how I describe myself. I love creating pictures from words. Sometimes a painter, other times a weaver- words are my tool; trying to create something beautiful. When I was nine, my dad introduced me to audio books. I was hooked. With his guidance, I fell into a world where words became life simply by weaving them together. So here I am, living out my passion- reading and writing! Enjoy the ride with me 😁😁

Poetry Book Release!

I'm so excited to announce the release of my latest poetry book. It's definitely not a chapbook- with its 65 poems! The Blurb: This poetry collection is observational and inspirational, challenging the reader to contemplate life, death, passion, and adversity.... Continue Reading →

This is What Watchmen Do

From this vantage point I guard my garden  It’s fence is still secure ....without breach or break and my courage tree is fruiting rather well Those smaller plants that hum  and sing to each other are relieved the weeds are... Continue Reading →

The Greatest Love Story

I have spoken of these lovers before How enthralled they’ve become with each other  How one succumbs to yellowing  fade when wallowing in neglect How the other dies - with blood-frozen veins... if it does not hold its mate dear... Continue Reading →

A Brief Earth Guide

Welcome to the Kingdom of Earthwhere everyone has free willto say and do as they please(within reason)depending on the country- of courseSome people are nicer than othersBut beware….. the heart of man is exceedingly wickedHe can’t help itThey chase many... Continue Reading →

Who Will Heal This World?

In a parched world that needs healing You are the shade of clouds that cool the relentless heat You are the expectation of showers that quench the fields’ thirst You are the cedar tree that’s a refuge in the storm... Continue Reading →

A World Gone Mad

In a tired world teetering between a buck’s antlers I saw a worried lion counting his money as an irritated eagle stalked past, determined to dismantle The Flying Committee In the sea, the fish were all up in arms...denying the authority of... Continue Reading →

Wisdom’s Trajectory

From my window at the top of the hill I observe the once vibrant city whose streets were ruled by Wisdom She gathered her people and gave them counsel until they sought their own wisdom She was like a tree... Continue Reading →

Among the Ruins

In a city reduced to stones, decayed ruins cast long shadows across a parched desert floor The citizens who haunt forgotten shades remain hulking jackals and the screeching owl- who protects her young while eager to tell me the story... Continue Reading →

Wanted: Diligent Gardeners

To, daily, garden minds weeding out malice and planting love exchanging bad for good thoughts working inwards from the edge of reason Making sure said gardens are watered as rain on freshly mown grass or showers that water the earth... Continue Reading →

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