All that talk of ‘becoming a diamond’

whilst enduring the crush

doesn’t feel so nice 

when my bones crunch like crushed ice

All those wise sayings of ‘patience 

being a virtue’

and ‘faith laced with hope’

being the ‘blah-blah’ to help me cope

Well….well…it seems to have worked its

magic on me!

I grin as I flex new thought muscles buried in my head

I giggle as I try out my new wings of hope

and I take a stand 

with this new veil of faith

©Vivian Zems

Trinkets and armour 6- Don’t be an Ass(usmer)

In this episode of Trinkets and armour, Magaly has given us 2 choices of a write. I’ve decided to pen a poem on one of them: “how you ready yourself before facing known (or unknown) troubles”