It’s Day 10 of National Poetry Month, and I’ve attempted a Chaucerian stanza. It’s always a little tricky trying to get a message across whilst keeping to ‘rhyme rules’. So, just in case this gets lost in translation, this poem is about appreciating the things you’ve had to fight for. Indeed, I’m of the firm opinion that sacrifice is a pre-requisite for growth and/or progress….so here goes!

How do we enjoy a thing not fought for?

How do we appreciate a healed scar?

Without lack there is always thirst for more

Suffering’s journey will take us so far

…pleasure being the new panacea

Straightening backs braced as with sticks so tall

..causing much wonder why we never fall

© Vivian Zems

dVerse Poetry PubChaucerian stanza Rhyme: ABABBCC

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