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Wonderfully Made

To what do we liken perfection?Could it be clear lines of definitionbordering calibrated colours?What about a stem sprouting seemingly random appendagesand yet a plant without self-image issuesbearing roses without ego ... supported by a self-assured stemand no one to point... Continue Reading →

The Greatest Love Story

I have spoken of these lovers before How enthralled they’ve become with each other  How one succumbs to yellowing  fade when wallowing in neglect How the other dies - with blood-frozen veins... if it does not hold its mate dear... Continue Reading →

The Journey of Ink

On a street without rooms the ink on these long forgotten walls cries out with a voice that knocks on the doors of our understanding searching for substance eager for purpose pleading for life on its journey from our minds... Continue Reading →

Follow the Tears

Sometimes there’s a pressure in your chest it might sit there like a rock or threaten to burst out (like some alien thing) ....and it won’t go away If you choose to visit this pressure if you dare to come... Continue Reading →


It's Day 10 of National Poetry Month, and I've attempted a Chaucerian stanza. It's always a little tricky trying to get a message across whilst keeping to ‘rhyme rules’. So, just in case this gets lost in translation, this poem... Continue Reading →

Nostalgia on a Park Bench

A park bench daring to close just one eye -as history sidles up to me “Remember freedom? Without the handcuffs of the social-distance police in your periphery?” I sigh....... as freshly trapped air thrashes in the mesh of my mask... Continue Reading →

Being Brave

Fear thinks it’s got one up on me as it scrabbles along the walls of my mind stopping now and then to loom and roar showing me its red cavernous mouth as red as a thousand gaping wounds as crimson... Continue Reading →

The Slave-Master of Words

Does the poet not do violence to her words in that charged ether that bears witness to the pulling, the pushing and the pernicious placement of letters pleading to be left alone? She ignores their cries of woe daring them... Continue Reading →


What do you call a poet that blooms in the darkness? What do call a cage of bones that hold a beating heart? What do you call a heavy silence weighted down unspoken words? And...... how do you describe a... Continue Reading →

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