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By The River Bank

As I sit by the river bank of pain I put all my sorrows in the bags under my eyes I’ll unpack when I get home ©Vivian Zems  Real Toads 


So Much….

I've had my Dad on my mind lately. He was always there for a kind word and ...everything else. God rest his soul. There is so much pain when a person dies from the top of your head to the... Continue Reading →


It's not where there's clarity of thought neither is it in those moments before sleep But it's in that space when I awaken -where time is suspended where my mind is flooded by 50 questions all at once who? where?... Continue Reading →

What if?

What if I helped you build your dreams dusting and feathering them into shape What if I painted your destiny in Caribbean blue with white doves of peace and then..... What if I took a scalpel to this tapestry slicing... Continue Reading →

Shame is Useless

The cup of my pain is already full when you first notice it So adding your pain to mine is a zero sum game Shame has no part to play in this scenario Better to walk away and find your... Continue Reading →

The Sands

How is it that sand between toes ....right here and in this moment... can be also running through an hour-glass marking the end of someone else's time I marvel at the power in all these grains which pleasure or... Continue Reading →


You can’t dream when you’re busy surviving  You can’t fly when you don’t know you have wings You can’t see while wearing the blindfolds of pain So open your eyes  spread your wings Fly as high as you can past... Continue Reading →

Anger and Sorrow

"I drank because I wanted to drown my sorrows, but now the damned things have learned to swim." Frida Kahlo Where do anger and sorrow go at the settling of dust ? You always find those two wrapped around each... Continue Reading →

Tears of War

Tears masked by falling rain flow unabated down faces subjected to war and pain Broken spirits pick up pieces of broken souls in falling rain Warring nations battle for power not minding bodies left in lanes Sighs of woe fill... Continue Reading →

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