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It's Day 10 of National Poetry Month, and I've attempted a Chaucerian stanza. It's always a little tricky trying to get a message across whilst keeping to ‘rhyme rules’. So, just in case this gets lost in translation, this poem... Continue Reading →

The Sands

How is it that sand between toes ....right here and in this moment... can be also running through an hour-glass marking the end of someone else's time I marvel at the power in all these grains which pleasure or... Continue Reading →


You can’t dream when you’re busy surviving  You can’t fly when you don’t know you have wings You can’t see while wearing the blindfolds of pain So open your eyes  spread your wings Fly as high as you can past... Continue Reading →


Emotions  Coursing through my veins Joy and pain Paperweights  Resisting waves of pleasure  Holding back riptides (#Shadorma) ©Vivian Zems MLMM Saturday Mix Lucky Dip ~emotions  

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