I’ve stopped wishing to be some one else. You know, that self-assured someone who’s got
their act together and seems knows how to handle everything…. anytime?
I embrace my imperfections…knowing that perfection is pure fantasy.
I embrace my weaknesses now……because I suspect they’re a disguise for a strength I’m yet to encounter.
This is what ‘living’ is meant to look like……. isn’t it?

I’m no stranger to gormless days
that seem determined to make no sense
I’m a witness to dark clouds and
frightened days that try to outrun a dark fog
When you see my feet
you may see fear trying
to nail them to the floor
But can you see my spirit?
Only when I lift off
will you know (or not) what came before

©Vivian Zems

Real Toads– Gormless

img_1657An excerpt from Lift Off!…coming soon!