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Just Another Day

I’ve stopped wishing to be some one else. You know, that self-assured someone who’s got their act together and seems knows how to handle everything…. anytime? I embrace my imperfections…knowing that perfection is pure fantasy. I embrace my weaknesses now……because... Continue Reading →



It's not where there's clarity of thought neither is it in those moments before sleep But it's in that space when I awaken -where time is suspended where my mind is flooded by 50 questions all at once who? where?... Continue Reading →

Demolishing Walls

Forget glass ceilings it’s those concrete walls you need to be concerned about It starts with the walls of the mind which need hacking -setting free the helium mind to the right altitude Then there are walls of fear that... Continue Reading →

Know Thy Neighbour

sirens filled the air police cars with flashing blue lights at the end of the crescent Heart in mouth… I’m through the door. Home. 'What’s polonium'? my daughter asks I’m puzzled …taking the paper from her -scan in rising panic snippets... Continue Reading →

Beyond Words

  Fear dons the red mask of anger, fooling everyone else but you Shrill night terrors-I valiantly attempt to drown in coffee brew Incipient paralysis-I cover with much mustered swagger Yet I just know that in the same way I... Continue Reading →

Lead Boots

  “The mountains are so dominant that some days the people refuse to look at them as children turn away from the fathers who beat them” ~ Jim Harrison  from Songs of Unreason Sunset spells the end of's dinner time... Continue Reading →

A View from the Heart

“Fear makes for good servants and bravery is fraudulent” ~ Jim Harrison from Vows Your life is your life Your death is yours alone What will you sing of your fear and bravery when you face the great beyond? Will... Continue Reading →

Just Forget It!

Fear with its ugly face trys to catch my eye It does not realise my focus is on the prize “I forget to remember fear” ©Vivian Zems (# clarity pyramid) MLMM Saturday Lucky Dip #5 A Clarity Pyramid (with a 1,... Continue Reading →

The Big Sleep

When I go How will I know? Will my life flash before me? Timor mortis conturbat me Closing my eyes For the final time Will regrets come to plague me? Timor mortis conturbat me The hope I keep Is that... Continue Reading →

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