Bjorn hosts at dVerse today, asking us to write about water in one of its many forms. At the risk of sounding like a Debbie downer, I’ve chosen the subject of tears.

Haibun Monday

I’ve recently had reason to cry tears of frustration, anger and joy- all in a space of 12 days. To begin with, my little treasure ( a hulking teenager, actually ) broke his clavicle. It took the doctors 11 days to figure that out. They then booked an emergency operation leaving me no time to get my head around it! What followed was a harrowing 2 -hour operation  as my prince was hammered and nailed back into shape. In this time- frame, there were silent tears of fear and prayer which mercifully gave way to tears of relief when he was wheeled back out.
I’m not normally a cryer, so the experience was particularly exhausting – but strangely liberating. Because now, it’s all been left in the past and has given way to tears of joy watching him go about his business albeit one-armed. And you know what? Crying is therapeutic. I highly recommend it.

Tears fall like raindrops
Washing away many fears
Sweet ones taste the best

(C)- Vivian Zems