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Be as wise as water and take the path of least resistance Be as mean as water and drown all the sorrows you can find Be as patient as water and erode all the mountains over time and Be as... Continue Reading →

The Nature Of Water

If water had a shape would it be as calm as a lake or possess the muscles of the ocean? If water had a voice would it gurgle with glee or roar as it cascades off rocks? If water had... Continue Reading →

Water, Please

first light brimming well lies silent my thirst screams ©Vivian Zems Carpe Diem Haiku Kai Weekend Meditation #20 Chiyo-ni (Kaga no Chiyo) was a Japanese poet of the Edo period, widely regarded as one of the greatest poets of haiku.... Continue Reading →

Like a River

Bjorn hosts at dVerse today, asking us to write about water in one of its many forms. At the risk of sounding like a Debbie downer, I've chosen the subject of tears. Haibun Monday I've recently had reason to cry tears of... Continue Reading →


(Image by Mehmeturgut) Thirsty for years Thirst bucket in arrears Throat fully parched Fresh water appears  Neck clearly arched Gazing at the tall glass Glass Buff and smooth Inching forward  She Makes the first move Pulling ever closer Glass to... Continue Reading →

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