A long while ago in another time and place

I couldn’t abide poetry

Not even 2 minutes of floetry

It just wasn’t my thing

I’d never been keen

Then an attack from out of the blue

Turned my life around anew 

A bump on the head

As large as an egg

A hairline fracture, in fact- a cracked head

Doc said I’d be Ok

And showed me the X-ray

For days I lay in bed

Dreaming of what lay ahead

No Gray vision

But certainly a circumcision 

Suddenly my words came alive

And they began to thrive

Rhyme & reason unfurled

As the poetry whorled

Now I’m careful with my head

Not wanting to reverse the thread

The worst thing to happen to me 

Would be for this ghostly poet to flee

Now I love my hairline fracture

Without which I could never capture 

This fulfilling gift of love

That I’m certain- came only from above

Copyright 2017-Vivian Zems