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The Gift

Who can fathom the mood and power of words? I open my written gift perfect in rhythm and punctuation masterful in chasing fear away pure poetry in the promise of power a wonderful reminder of the gift of love ....... Continue Reading →

The Promise of Days

'Tis so easy to take for granted the shape of a God-given day -as though days are as promised as the eternity of the ages -as though nights can't morph into sickness and angst as though life is an entitled... Continue Reading →


Awake! a new dawn snow pelted leaves frost covered windows a new day wrapped in ice time unrolls her red carpet Euphoria ©Vivian Zems MLMM Sunday Writing Prompt #241


Life as a parent is fraught with worries, negotiations and nagging doubts. It's also peppered with triumphs and pleasant surprises. A case in point was when I received a text from my daughter last week. It simply said, "You've sacrificed... Continue Reading →

Shut -Eye

As unfathomable as the ages So is the quiet of sleep A suspension of consciousness A time for bodily repose Gifted to mankind A rest from till and toil As mysterious as the galaxies So is the quiet of sleep... Continue Reading →

My Melody

(#Tanka) When I wind her up I feel my tears in shadow She breaks into song Melodious and haunting Her singing, a gift to me Copyright- 2017 Vivian Zems Colleen's Weekly Poetry Challenge #51-Gift/Song  


To Think is a gift To Feel is a treasure To Reason is human nature But to be Inspired, a seismic shift Shifting into another dimension A dimension only sensed Sensed by your soul Understood by your heart A dimension... Continue Reading →

My Hairline Fracture 

A long while ago in another time and place I couldn't abide poetry Not even 2 minutes of floetry It just wasn't my thing I'd never been keen Then an attack from out of the blue Turned my life around anew ... Continue Reading →

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