Smell The Coffee

Wake Up!




Emotions are the most unreliable of the human instinct - I find. They are fleeting; disappearing into the abyss just as quickly as they arrive. I constantly push them aside... just so I can see clearly. This write is more... Continue Reading →


Full Circle

Every once in a while I go on an inner journey of self-discovery. Searching for keys that will unlock the mysteries of my soul. Looking for answers to Who am I? What's my purpose in life? Can I be better... Continue Reading →

No U-turns

(#Cinqain) Ago In the distance Setting life to 'forwards' To look back is to recreate The past Copyright -2017 Vivian Zems  Daily post :Recreate

My Hairline Fracture 

A long while ago in another time and place I couldn't abide poetry Not even 2 minutes of floetry It just wasn't my thing I'd never been keen Then an attack from out of the blue Turned my life around anew ... Continue Reading →

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