I’ve likened the ‘game’ of Love to a game of Monopoly. I used to play it for hours with my brothers -in my younger years.

Phrases like “GO TO JAIL: Go directly to Jail. Do not pass Go. Do not collect $200” used to ramp up the thrill of the game.

Pablo Neruda’s poems are sublime and I just couldn’t resist combining these 2 delights of mine! (Maybe I ought to have called it ‘the death of love’!)

“…if you stop loving me little by little -I shall stop loving you little by little.”
~ Pablo Neruda

If you forget me

I’ll try to survive

I’ll still stay alive

I will not go to jail

If I forget you

I know you’ll still thrive

but you won’t pass Go

and you may (or may not) feel low

If we forget each other

the jail of uncertainty is certain

neither will we collect our 200

because it’ll be GAME OVER

©Vivian Zems

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