You can’t write the clear biography
of the aches and pains inside your skull”

~ Harrison from Skull /  Songs of Unreason


Agony pursues pleasure within my skull

-handing out filters until a day is done

When I look to the sky

through such filters of my mind

my eyes scan the ether for what it may find

If the bills have been paid

and dinner has been made

and Mary Poppins has cleaned

my house to a gleaming sheen

-only then will my eyes find the vibrant

beauty of fluffy clouds

as they cast an iridescent glow

of such beauty-a privilege to know

…..and so on and so forth

If on the other hand,

Mary Poppins is a fictional character-

meaning my house is a mess… and

I have car trouble….. draining the last

penny in my suspect coffers

and it’s up to me to make dinner

after a long, weary day

-I’d wonder why the clouds were smirking with glee

I’d be thoroughly irked by that ridiculous sky kaleidoscope

and I’d be asking the trees who they thought they were trying to be

…..and so on and so forth

©Vivian Zems

Day 16 of 28 Days of Unreason

Sue Vincent’s # Writephoto