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The Sands

How is it that sand between toes ....right here and in this moment... can be also running through an hour-glass marking the end of someone else's time I marvel at the power in all these grains which pleasure or... Continue Reading →

Which Filter?

You can’t write the clear biography of the aches and pains inside your skull” ~ Harrison from Skull /  Songs of Unreason   Agony pursues pleasure within my skull -handing out filters until a day is done When I look to the sky... Continue Reading →

The Final Chapter

When all's said and done every book ends from where's its begun Some pages take flight buoyed by pure delight Others lie decrepit sorrow-soiled as concrete Many flutter with life's curiosity and wonder But all must come together for the finale... Continue Reading →

The Path

If you believed for a second's scintilla that there was a world beyond this one we live- you'd see what I see in this gardener's art you'd see the narrow path (seemingly unnecessary ) in the midst of a vast... Continue Reading →

The Power of Tears

Resting stoically on a hill are two boulders that once were known as one Shorn by the constant dripping of the sky's tears and dry throat of the earth Opening up over time as stony hearts tend to -after years... Continue Reading →

The View from Your Mind

If you could be brave enough to see the promised land If you would lay down your defenses enough to let all others in If you could stay true to yourself; staying your hands from darkness - The heavens will... Continue Reading →

Destiny’s Path

This image -forever sealed in my mind is a metaphor for my path to destiny -there are monsters hidden here- around each corner watchers watch me eerily without sound "Give up!"  mockers jeer so nastily But Dad once told me... Continue Reading →

Kissing Clouds

I'm on the verge of something great I try to fly but problems stand on my cape I'm on the edge of an unknown precipice So high in the sky, clouds- I almost kiss If God should push me off... Continue Reading →

God’s Doughnut

Un-eaten -untouched of smooth contours and round curves God leaves his doughnut in the field of human dreams Forlorn - and unnoticed All are engrossed in their selfish entreaties but nobody asks what He needs So-saying, His doughnut remains forlorn-... Continue Reading →

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