It walks like a coup
It smells like one too

A nation in flux
Soldiers in charge
Guarding the old wiley fox
But where is Grace?
She, who’s always in your face
Mayhaps in hiding
Her time, abiding
The people rejoice
While Zuma gives voice
“Diplomacy we must deploy
Or else there’ll be no joy”
Is this the end
Of Mugabeism?
We wait to be told
As events unfold

©Vivian Zems

It came to light today that President Mugabe of Zimbabwe has been ousted and placed under house arrest. There’s a rumour his wife has fled the country….

Rajani’s (Thotpurge) prompt is to write a poem based on a news headline. So this is hot off the press! (Also posted to my Facebook page : Vivian Zems)

Micropoetry Month 15/30