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Mercy vs Grace

Observe; "Mercy is undeserved Grace while Grace is undeserved Mercy" ©Vivian Zems (#American sentence- 17 syllables across)

Happy New Year!

May your dreams come true may your days be long and full may the Grace of God be with you as you endeavour to do better May you be light of spirit  and soft of heart So here's wishing you... Continue Reading →

Mugabe Under House Arrest

It walks like a coup It smells like one too A nation in flux Soldiers in charge Guarding the old wiley fox But where is Grace? She, who's always in your face Mayhaps in hiding Her time, abiding The people... Continue Reading →

Cruel Blow

Those broken parts of us We hide from all So they cannot see We hide them in that place Where broken hearts make a case They cry for justice And plead for grace Because they already know They've been dealt... Continue Reading →

Mind My Own Business

(Daily Post) You may have asked for forgiveness Who knows? It's none of my business You may have asked for Grace Who knows? It's definitely not my place You may have awoken from your reverie with a Jolt Simply assuming  I’d... Continue Reading →

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