I’ve been fascinated by Cristiano Ronaldo’s method of creating his family. He’s just welcomed his twin boys born through surrogacy. This, in addition to his 7 year old son, born the same way.

Whilst I can’t judge him on his choices, I’m perturbed by his possible reasons, chief among them being that the biological mothers are not likely  included in the rearing of their offspring.

I’ve a big problem with biological parents not playing a role (or being Passengers) in their children’s lives. It’s sad when a parent is absent; understandable if through tragedy- at least there’s some sort of closure – an answer to the ‘Why?’. But this transactional set-up is alien – to my mind.

It’s deplorable if a parent is deliberately cut out of a child’s life- cases like this abound. It’s unfair to the child- like throwing away a piece of jigsaw.

How does the child complete himself / herself? Think of adopted adults who go looking for their natural parents, for instance.

I understand that there may be instances which seek to justify this scenario, but it’s the deliberate creation of this family that has me asking the question.

A biological parent- barring some unnatural anomaly – should always have a definite  role to play in their child’s life. That’s my 2 cents.

I said I wouldn’t judge Ronaldo – I believe I just did. C’est last vie!