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The Fear Hunter

Hefting my flaming sword I circle the bramble brush listening for panicked whispers of doubt and fear My oppressed bones have tired of terrorist games Even open-mouthed tables turn to stare Watching me in hot pursuit armoured in God’s glory...... Continue Reading →

Christmas- the Consumer

The Christmas spirit travels to and fro from browser to browser seeking wallets, purse and bank accounts to enter It worms its way through hungry eyes fooling its victims with its tinsel disguise Christmas oh Christmas -show me where you... Continue Reading →

My Addiction

I'm an addict There! I've said it.. to break it's power over me I apply a tourniquet squeeze tight..... searching..... for my sweet relief From Dickenson to Bukowski words fire their way through my soul I close my eyes losing... Continue Reading →

It’s The Same

Pain is the payment for that precious thing Pain is the reward for that foolish thing Of mind or of body endorphins sing from hymns sheets- the same Of precious or of foolish seeping through layers clutching nerve endings burning... Continue Reading →

Rich Man’s Musings

Would you still love me If I had no money If I had no means Would you still love me If there was no gain If all I had to offer Was my misery and pain My heart muses Heavy... Continue Reading →

We’re All Ears!

She is the villain in his tale The bad guy, his nemesis From whence does she hail? He knows not her genesis But her name causes emesis Their ears creak with anticipation He has a tale to tell Pray Gather... Continue Reading →

Her Own Face

(#Quadrille) Finding her mask Invokes painful memories Of past tasks Ritual exhausting Facade always in place This mask, she throws away Free to live Free to forgive No hint of sadness Not even a trace All emotions, freely flitting Now... Continue Reading →

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