Smell The Coffee

Wake Up!



Sometimes I’m a friend you want to greet Other times I’m that friend you’d rather not meet I swim in your tears I ride on your smile I whisper in your ear and chase away your fears I wasn’t born... Continue Reading →

By The River Bank

As I sit by the river bank of pain I put all my sorrows in the bags under my eyes I’ll unpack when I get home ©Vivian Zems  Real Toads 

So Much….

I've had my Dad on my mind lately. He was always there for a kind word and ...everything else. God rest his soul. There is so much pain when a person dies from the top of your head to the... Continue Reading →

And Stay Out!

I hear grief knocking on my door trying to get in I let him knock....and he does so incessantly I'm not falling for that again All he bears are misery and extreme pain The last time I opened that door... Continue Reading →


Grief is my nemesis I wear blindfolds so I don't see it avoiding the ambush naked pain dulled to darkness sidestepping evisceration Is it my sin or is it weakness? ©Vivian Zems Lillian hosts dVerse with several words from three... Continue Reading →

Keeping Vigil

I see she's been crying by her wet puffy eyes I see she's been aging troubles march across her face Her dress- once flowery is charred with terror Her back-once straight sags under worry-weight I sit with London I share... Continue Reading →


as winds change direction so your spirit left me i tried to hold you but you were untethered  you floated free would that i had a time machine to rewind all the years to a time of laughter and lightness... Continue Reading →

Once Again

I grieve for you You're gone too soon My spirit is weighted By a lead balloon My movements slow My thoughts lose flow I want to see you To hold you To laugh with you Just- one -more -time ©Vivian... Continue Reading →

Terrorist or Freedom Fighter?

The battle rages on People taking sides Being put upon To join the fracas To join the tide Relieved to be left alone Only a short respite Despite the fight Right or wrong Weak or strong This battle is of... Continue Reading →

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