Sometimes there’s a pressure in your chest

it might sit there like a rock

or threaten to burst out (like some alien thing)

….and it won’t go away

If you choose to visit this pressure

if you dare to come close…. and follow that trail of tears

you will be transported to the chambers of your heart

(its beat – tender and true)

but left empty by the passing of your loved ones… with nothing but memories that have lost their clarity, yet somehow kept their fragrance

It’s strange how mostly the good memories remain

Where did the bad ones go?

No matter….

Let’s dust these memories and remove the cobwebs from these chambers

Paying homage to our departed

-lest the pain in that pressure Shawshank its way into our daily lives

Let’s keep ourselves happy

by letting our dearly departed

rest in peace

© Vivian Zems

dversepoets– purple patch, trail of tears, tender and true