Björn over at Dverse Poets asks us to write from a different perspective. I haven’t quite followed the brief- but it did occur to me that in the world of social media, not everything is as it appears (unless you know the individual(s) in the real world).

Linking also to Real Toads-Perspectives.

This explores the antithesis of perspectives.

What an amazing holiday

with gorgeous views

but without the camera

they’re down with the blues


What a pretty picture

so lovely and slim

but did you know

she uses a filter

to make herself thin?


Such happy faces

a wonderful life in a bubble

but you couldn’t know

if they’re masks for pain and trouble


What intention lies behind what you see?

Where’s the lie? What is the truth?

You’d have to be a sleuth

to discern

harsh weapons from soft shields


© Vivian Zems

Dverse Poets

Real Toads