I was at work yesterday, minding my own business…when…….
Ok, forget that…..

Lift Off! (on Amazon.com) had actually lifted itself up to the #1 Hot New Release in Poetry Anthologies!!!
Since its publication date, I’ve been working on a series of steps to get it into readers’ hands. The first step was making it perma-free on Amazon (which seemed to take ages). I then began a social media blast and email marketing campaign to my subscribers.

I had realised quite a while ago that no-one really cares about your book because no one know who you are. Even more difficult for me was that I’d chosen poetry as a genre…..which has a fairly small market. The only way I was going to enjoy my writing fully was when I and my readers were ‘on the same page’.
Little did I know that Lift Off! would shoot to the top of its category. To be in the top 500 was where I’d set my sights…so I was floored!
On the back of good advice, I quickly tookย  several screen shots and watched it slowly climb down from #2 to #3. I still think I’m dreaming!

Anyhow, now I can use this in my marketing and promotional material, as well as in my bio and proceed with my world-domination plans carry on doing what I love doing…writing some more!