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My Jealousy

I watch as the rain runs its hands all over your body while a gentle wind wraps you in its embrace -all the while covering your face in blue leafy kisses I watch as the cold decides to put away... Continue Reading →

Taking Heed

When your moral compass goes astray just about anything goes -come what may Jealousy and pride become fast friends anger and unforgiveness pledge allegiance to the end The road to destruction seems paved with vengeance while the fruits of life... Continue Reading →

The Story of the First Old Man and the Hind

Green with jealousy tainted actions seen by all toying with death ¬©Vivian Zems Carpe Diem Haiku Kai #1340 Scheherazade continues her story to save her life, because the Sultan has the rare idea to murder every woman he has a... Continue Reading →

The Other Woman

(Daily Post) She stared at her adversary Consumed with jealousy What did she possess? She thought bitterly Were they the clothes, shoes The poise or the boobs? Was it the lips, hips Or enough hair to spare? She could not... Continue Reading →

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