(Daily Post)

She stared at her adversary

Consumed with jealousy

What did she possess?

She thought bitterly

Were they the clothes, shoes

The poise or the boobs?

Was it the lips, hips

Or enough hair to spare?

She could not ask

Her adversary did not notice

Her adversary was busy with life

Busy being a mom

Busy being a wife

She slunk away

Fighting back dismay

Her state of being

Rapidly fleeing

Her self-esteem

Descending downstream

When the Descend?

She could not comprehend

When she’d become a thief

The stealer of joy

The author of grief

She deserved

So much more

Her life beckoned

Not to be second

But first

Her life beckoned

To love herself more

Than ever before

And one day…

Just to be

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Copyright © 2017 Vivian Zems
All rights reserved