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Trying not to End

The above image is from The New Yorker with the caption : “A few of us are going out after work to pretend it’s not the end of the world, if you want to join us.” Do you remember the days... Continue Reading →

Small changes is now a ".com" That's it!

My Review of (and Guide to) Writing Prompts

What's all the fuss about writing prompts? It just so happens that I live and breathe them every day. I always get asked about which prompts I follow and doing a quick scan, realised that I've joined a few. Mayhaps... Continue Reading →

Man At the End Of A Mouse

Click, click, click! The modern woman clicks away She needs a date Someone who'll come out to play The mouse hovers and poises As the woman makes choices Organized for the day, Decision made Mouse put away Text arrives Tall... Continue Reading →

Global CyberHack 

(6 word story ) Does anyone suspect it was you?? The End Copyright ©  Vivian Zems 

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