Smell The Coffee

Wake Up!




I walk through the city carrying a sack of words Some are heavy some are light and many-a-word bring delight Before I speak- I reach for my words weighing them carefully so when I hand them over -they are smooth... Continue Reading →

The Bronze Serpent

We walk in the wilderness adorned with literacy cloaked in sophistication yet lacking in wisdom We exult in our knowledge oblivious of our creator so - when bitten by vipers of sickness and depravity ...we seek the eyes of the... Continue Reading →

Ouch!…or Maybe Not

Hedge 55- a poem in 55 words

Like A Stake Through It…..

Slow to heal These scars of the heart With each beat The scars pull apart That's why heartbreaks Feel like heart-stakes Broken hearts heal Real nice and slow But When they finally do They allow fresh blood to flow And... Continue Reading →

Love Your Scars, Because……..

(6 Word Story)  Scars don't form on dead flesh. The End Copyright 2017  Vivian Zems

The Rolling Stone of Pain

This weekend was sad as it was the funeral of a long-lost relative.  I'd had the privilege of having a beautiful conversation with her 2 weeks before she passed. These were my impressions as loved ones-near and far gathered for... Continue Reading →

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