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The Line

Tracing the line between love and hate Both- so closely knit -not together -neither apart but enough to tickle the finger of fate A line that can only be discerned by a shredded heart -to which scars have added much... Continue Reading →

An Enemy to Defeat

I braced myself As the battle began My enemy was ready So I held myself steady I crushed despair I defeated hate The argument of blame I quickly put to shame The issue of my value I knocked that askew... Continue Reading →

Black And Proud

An end to hate; dreamed a dream to defend my race pride in my dark hue judged, only by character not the colour of my skin (#Tanka) Colleen’s Weekly #Poetry Challenge # 45 – #Haiku #Haibun or #Tanka: Hate & Pride Frank Tassone... Continue Reading →

Black And Proud (Free Verse)

Awhile ago In another time and place A dream was born A dream to defend my race The dreamer prayed For an end to all the hate Against a proud race Our dark skin, our pride A colour and spice we... Continue Reading →

The Prisoner

They were in charge His demons His Partners - at large Possession complete In their grasp, him they keep Helpless and hopeless He's firmly in their grip To do their bidding He speaks with their lips The Demon of Pride... Continue Reading →

Man The Gate

Love, Hate Worming their way Into the heart they stay Man the Gate, pick or chase away Which One? (A Cinqain Poem) Copyright © 2017  Vivian Zems

Aim High

( A Fibonacci Poem) This Loop Repeats Itself oft Love, hate, forgiveness  Why cant we stop at the first one? Copyright © 2017 Vivian Zems (image by Dark-gio)

The Other Man

He loved her so But she wasn't his She belonged to another She wasn't his missus Time and again He'd begged her to stay Her bruises and welts She kept from display He wanted to comfort her To heal her... Continue Reading →

The Coat (a dark tale)

(Daily Post) He wrapped himself in this cloak This tragic coat of hate It began as a Bitter tale But morphed of late He didn't reject it He refused to quit  So bitter summoned hate And they decided to procreate... Continue Reading →

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