They were in charge

His demons

His Partners – at large

Possession complete

In their grasp, him they keep

Helpless and hopeless

He’s firmly in their grip

To do their bidding

He speaks with their lips

The Demon of Pride

Stands strong and tall

An unbending will

His subjects must fall

To never give in

Is his primary sin

He’ll never give up

Or ever stop

The Demon of Anger

Constantly stoked the fire

With murmurs and tales

To make Pride stronger

The Demon of Hate

Had two jobs to do

To suck out Love

And blind his prey too

Pride, Anger and Hate

They made good team-mates

Helpless and hopeless

He’s firmly in their grip

Pride magnified

Love denied

Anger stoked

Hatred enveloped

Blindness complete

Their possession-now evil pure

They would keep working


Their possession secure

Copyright © 2017 -Vivian Zems