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Wake Up!




  Even when clothed in the bright colours of a peacock’s feathers.... the light plays games when it peaks through dry dead branches as it chases the darkness into the shadows And time passes so differently here beckons to... Continue Reading →

Seize the Day…All of it!

How easy it is to be swept through a be buried under a tsunami of worries and chores. We each cope differently with this stress..some better than others. I've learned that if I don't harness my mind to gain... Continue Reading →

The Thing called Light

Whether sat quietly at the end of a tunnel or out and about chasing the darkness or even casting its glow on new ideas -light is forever busy illuminating, exposing and even beckoning to us -travelling at great speeds to... Continue Reading →

A Tongue of Two Sides

“His mind’s all black thickets and blood”    from Songs of Unreason I once knew a man who spoke in tongues of flaming fire But you’d never guess from his charming persona A forked tongue of charm and harm- murmuring... Continue Reading →

The View from Your Mind

If you could be brave enough to see the promised land If you would lay down your defenses enough to let all others in If you could stay true to yourself; staying your hands from darkness - The heavens will... Continue Reading →

I’ll Be The Moon

Mayhap not as bright as a sun drenched sky my face pours forth a soft glow in your shadows mayhap not as hot as that passionate star my coolness bathes you with soothing tones mayhap not scorch to touch as... Continue Reading →

Winter’s Coat

Darkness is over Broken by dawn's crack Winter shrugs its coat ©Vivian Zems (#Haiku~kigo) Ronovan writes weekly #176~ broken, over

Cloak of Darkness

Day turns round to flee Chased by the night's heavy cloak Winter is coming (C)- Vivian Zems (#Haiku) Frank Tassone #Haikai  Challenge 4: darkness

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