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January Writing prompts

The Bridge Beyond

Submerged in a milk-bath of bliss a mind reflects -as thoughts emerge Unmoving as the long since dead unstirred and unruffled -as thoughts emerge Clarity of vision as mirrored images flash past unhurried kaleidoscope -as thoughts emerge Mayhap life will... Continue Reading →


Clicks with selfie sticks her cap first this way then that sultry profile view corduroy cap now askew Click.Captured.Selfie anew ©Vivian Zems January Writing Prompts 23/31- Capturing Corduroy  

The Mountaineer

Mountains move without my bidding curtains part of their own accord grace upon me despite not praying O wretch that I am! undeserving of this blessing grateful for His mercy ©Vivian Zems January Writing Prompts 15 /31-Mountains Must Move Real... Continue Reading →

Sea of Chardonnay

Ignored chardonnay  she celebrates her birthday  buoyed by life's highs ©Vivian Zems (#senryu) January Writing Prompts 10/31    

Kicking Doors

Unopened doors stand before me eschewing fear I kick these doors in from pestering doubts I turn to flee unopened doors stand before me my sturdy shoe- the master key polished hope I bring flows within unopened doors stand before... Continue Reading →

Pinches of Positivity

When one door closes another one creaks open dare you to see the beyond?   Positivity with clarity of spirit horizons stretch without pause ©Vivian Zems (#sedoka) January Writing Prompts 7/31

Sinkholes and Sandpaper

A painter of my mind a decorater of my spirit I read many texts to see what I can find Words chafe as sandpaper rubbing out old ideas streaming on a conveyor Good words sink roots in the depths of... Continue Reading →

Alphabet Stew

I credit my parents for who I am today. English is not my first language and I had to learn it when I was 6 years old. My mum made me read to her every night and I remember my... Continue Reading →

Teleporting Topless

  In my dreams, I'm Lt. Uhura teleporting topless between planets Pura and Mura A trekkie at heart I'll play any part asleep or awake any excuse, I will make Perchance I'm topless  'cos I'm 20 years younger but that's... Continue Reading →

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