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Among the Ruins

In a city reduced to stones, decayed ruins cast long shadows across a parched desert floor The citizens who haunt forgotten shades remain hulking jackals and the screeching owl- who protects her young while eager to tell me the story... Continue Reading →

The Right To Remain Silent

Poems are cities of inspired words A poem understands that its words can and will be used against it in a court of law where it may be jigsawed into garments of a new narrative A poem knows it can... Continue Reading →

Texts and The City

If I were to choose a holiday it would not be in yet another city -because already, I live in one so busy Lights...horns.... and vacant faces -everyone in a hurry and going places I’d choose a land without technology... Continue Reading →

My City

Welcome to my city where the breadth of its beauty might be dictated by the depth of your pocket The sights and sounds of tourists all year round mask the death and decay that fill some with dismay If you... Continue Reading →

Chang’an (Northern Route)

city of peace serenaded by mountains perfumed in saffron ©Vivian Zems Carpe Diem Haiku Kai #1361 Chang'an (Northern Route)

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