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Day 18: Word Art

I place my fingers on a clock to mark time My lust is driven by velocity as word after chewed word is spat onto paper -writing in manic euphoria ....until the full picture is painted   ©Vivian Zems #NaPoWriMo 2019-... Continue Reading →

The Sound of Ink

Inching to the light on word-laden heavy feet boiling ink roars in my ears throb in my fingers no longer blood in my veins ink's screams yearning be heard ©Vivian Zems (#Sedoka) Sue Vincent's #writephoto


Serenity Flows from hearts to fingertips Elegant brush-strokes ©Vivian Zems Carpe Diem Haiku Kai #1323   [...] "Naturally, if she respected the brush that she used, she would realize that in order to learn to write she must cultivate serenity... Continue Reading →

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