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Day 11 : Glass Ceilings

when i want to create a new reality out of thin air i don't claw at the sky searching for that glass ceiling (that tries to keep me rooted in fear) I just pick up my pen and pretend it's... Continue Reading →

Writing From The Heart

When you write - don't stop to polish your words to perfection  -to rinse each letter in the detergent of eloquence -to bury the truth under a bouquet of lines Rather, write from the heart Words from here are already... Continue Reading →

Fifty Shades of “Meh!”

I don't get the furore over the Fifty Shades Trilogy. Everyone's literally got their knickers in a twist trying to get tickets to the cinema for the latest offering! Me, I read the books- and I must say- my imagination... Continue Reading →

The Illusionist 

He writes to Create illusions  Illusions that rest in the mind If you focus and read the words You, yourself you'll find Hidden deftly between the lines With careful artistry Does he weave his tales Like intricate tapestry A magic... Continue Reading →

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