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Breaking My Silence

Mary Oliver, renowned poet has died at the age of 83. She was well known for her straight-talking poetry, believing that poetry 'mustn't be fancy". This made me think of all the poetry I've read over the years...and yes, there... Continue Reading →

Reading Fiction

Of all forms of communication, I sense that the non-verbal kind is the most telling. Whether it be body language or reading the signs of a person’s character or reputation, the clues are often difficult to ignore. I decided to... Continue Reading →

THAT Moment

There was a day, an hour and a moment when my muse was unlocked and I began to write. I remember the euphoria...indeed, I relive it each time I re-arrange words in my mind...(the exception being when filling in forms....yuck!).... Continue Reading →

The Meaning of My Name

I turn to the horizon filling my lungs with air I embrace the gift of life a gift I wish to share   You cannot see my heart but you can hear it speak Filled with life- that I am... Continue Reading →


I walk through the city carrying a sack of words Some are heavy some are light and many-a-word bring delight Before I speak- I reach for my words weighing them carefully so when I hand them over -they are smooth... Continue Reading →

I Am Words

I am words arranged in patterns of the universe I am letters jigsawed according to the beat of my pulse I am ink sometimes cool and sometimes flaming I am stories and poems to excite you to provoke you to... Continue Reading →

Heaven’s Ears

When all poets - united- raised their voices as one to the heavens,  God opened his window and shouted, "What's That Racket!?" Gabriel explained about the poets "Oh," God said, shutting his window but not entirely- leaving it cracked open... Continue Reading →

The Secret Diary

The words blurred into one another- every yellowed page like the one before Mysteries unfolded before my eyes Tales of old - revealing dark secrets about me Who was I? Who was I meant to be? Every yellowed page like... Continue Reading →

Disobedient Words

I'm fighting a very bad case of first in 5 years! Writing has become difficult - as my words just won't obey. So I've decided to write about that, instead. Words lie stagnant, unwilling to move neither cajoling nor... Continue Reading →

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