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Filled with the future birthing men into being flooding new seasons © Vivian Zems Sunday Muse #55, Haiku

The End is Nigh

A woman at a certain age counts her hatched chickens she observes life's horizons¬† and thinks.."what the dickens?" she draws up her bucket list and starts marking her dreams she develops itchy feet because time has sped up-it seems a... Continue Reading →

Fire In Her Soul

Carved from a rib and yet made whole With sacrifice in her spirit and fire in her soul Gentle in nature and mindful of life Soft hands for caring but with fire in her soul Nurturing nations, raising generations Wisdom... Continue Reading →

Man At the End Of A Mouse

Click, click, click! The modern woman clicks away She needs a date Someone who'll come out to play The mouse hovers and poises As the woman makes choices Organized for the day, Decision made Mouse put away Text arrives Tall... Continue Reading →

The Other Woman

(Daily Post) She stared at her adversary Consumed with jealousy What did she possess? She thought bitterly Were they the clothes, shoes The poise or the boobs? Was it the lips, hips Or enough hair to spare? She could not... Continue Reading →

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