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Winter Games

Laughter and snuggles Under warm blankets we dive -playing hide and seek skin to skin cheek to cheek kisses for warmth  The scent of your skin is the only tongue  I care to speak  ©Vivian Zems Real Toads-Scent 

Keeping Up Appearances

Autumn knocks on Season’s door impatient to settle in Summer packs his bags in annoyance -not even a decent check out time! After all that warmth After all that sunshine After setting the stage for birdsong After luscious green carpets... Continue Reading →

The Patience of Spring

Verdant pastures loom Spring begs our forbearance as seasons battle Surely, winter must depart as spring prepares for triumph  ©Vivian Zems Colleen's Weekly Tanka Challenge #75~patience/green-synonyms only

Welcome, Spring!

Spring peers around the corner unsure -as a foreigner Winter's show's gone-a horror! The sun beams-a restorer ©Vivian Zems (#Tanaga) Real Toads : Fussy Little Forms~Tanaga The tanaga is similar to haiku and tanka, being a compact quatrain with four... Continue Reading →

Ice War

The first day of spring was marked by icy winds and storms in the UK. Power cuts, traffic accidents and a general standstill has been the norm here for the last few days; some areas worse- off than others.  ... Continue Reading →

Goodbye, Winter

short days turn to see sunlight rising earlier winter fades away ©Vivian Zems Haiku Horizons ~ Vanish

The Wait

winter slips slowly biting my nails to the quick yearning for springtime ©Vivian Zems Prompt: Ronovan Writes, Weekly Haiku Poetry  #188 – Quick and Slip

No Time to Waste

Crisp winter morning autumn leaves dead and buried yesterday is gone ©Vivian Zems Inspired by Paulo Coelho: [...] "Someone asked him that why are some luckier than the others. One of the extraordinary excerpts on this subject where he calls... Continue Reading →

Winter Solstice

[The winter solstice is upon us: Thursday, December 21, -today- will be the shortest day of 2017 for anyone living north of the equator]   Long-stretched winter night sunset skimming horizons day cut at the knees ©Vivian Zems Heeding Haiku... Continue Reading →

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