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My Jealousy

I watch as the rain runs its hands all over your body while a gentle wind wraps you in its embrace -all the while covering your face in blue leafy kisses I watch as the cold decides to put away... Continue Reading →


A Day Decides

A new day can't decide if it wants to make an appearance It looks around for inspiration stopping to observe the sea kissing the shore It looks in the recent past to see the moon and stars snoring soundly It... Continue Reading →

The Wind

A strong wind arrives Buffeting with battle cries Aggresive in howl ©Vivian Zems (#Haiku) Real Toads - Marian's November Themes Image by Mish00

On Our Way Home

Hurricane Ophelia made land fall in the UK on Monday 16th October. We were bathed in an orange sky- a truly magical phenomenon. It was caused by dust from the Sahara¬† desert and debris from forest fires in Spain and... Continue Reading →

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