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Searching For A Core

Oh Dear, there’s a war inside your head and neither side can win and neither side is right but it still rages on Dear, there are ruins in your soul from an ancient civilization completely unknown The journey from mind... Continue Reading →

Needle and Dread

Shaney jumped involuntarily. But so did everyone else in the makeshift tent. The bomb had seemed a little too close for comfort. She’d volunteered to assist in the war by coming to the frontline- but was already regretting that decision.... Continue Reading →


"I’m hoping to be astonished tomorrow by I don’t know what“ from Tomorrow in In Search of Small Gods ~ Jim Harrison   I’m hoping to be astonished tomorrow by I don’t know what: Perhaps nation will declare peace on nation -as... Continue Reading →

Tears of War

Tears masked by falling rain flow unabated down faces subjected to war and pain Broken spirits pick up pieces of broken souls in falling rain Warring nations battle for power not minding bodies left in lanes Sighs of woe fill... Continue Reading →

Ice War

The first day of spring was marked by icy winds and storms in the UK. Power cuts, traffic accidents and a general standstill has been the norm here for the last few days; some areas worse- off than others.  ... Continue Reading →

In Flanders Fields

Pushing up poppies Our heros' heads held up high The winds testify ©Vivian Zems MLMM Heeding Haiku With Chèvrefeuille  Inspired by John Mcrae's "In Flanders Fields" In Flanders fields the poppies blow Between the crosses, row on row, That mark... Continue Reading →

War and Peace

Jerry weeps for cheese Tom nods with understanding Peace has it's own time (C)- Vivian Zems (#Haiku) MNL hosting Cat Haiku Challenge  

Terrorist or Freedom Fighter?

The battle rages on People taking sides Being put upon To join the fracas To join the tide Relieved to be left alone Only a short respite Despite the fight Right or wrong Weak or strong This battle is of... Continue Reading →

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