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Bearers of Silence

Beware the bearers of silence for they are showing  you a strength in carrying weighted words Words- nestled in a voiceless box that rearrange themselves but are in no hurry to be released Words that lie in a languid stupor... Continue Reading →

The Right Voice

Faith came by hearing...and many-a-word did she hear-for many years. Affirmations of her unworthiness, laziness, and uselessness. Until the cup of disdain overflowed. With great effort, she turns to her inner voice-the fighter- hailing exultations, encouragment and hope. Slowly, she... Continue Reading →

I Have a Voice

Cascading all around me words tumble and spin Before, they failed me but now I have a voice weaving haikus and tankas with a sprinkling of katautas Words, now my anchors because I have a voice I will not be... Continue Reading →

Voice of My Soul

Give me a pen Give me some paper Tongue to my thoughts Voice to my whispers Screams to my fingers Pouring words from my soul Voice to my whispers Secrets I try to hold They won't stay buried Fighting back... Continue Reading →

The Watcher

(#Tanka) Stationed at her watch Roots embedded in her head Words flow from her mouth Translating these metaphors Life, she gives them, with her voice Copyright 2017- Vivian Zems Colleens Weekly Poetry Challenge -Voice and Watch #50  

The Voice

(Daily Post) Listen to me, says the voice quietly There are many wonders out there So much for you to hear "But it's too much! I cry, Overwhelming"- I sigh I have more to share, it says I'm here to... Continue Reading →

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